Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Anxiety relief and treating depression: Best anxiety and depression products reviewed

Think right now!, The Linden Method & Your Instant Life Revolution Reviewed

When it comes to overcoming anxiety and depression, it's really important to choose the method you will approach the problem with very well. The method you choose will decide just how much effort and time it will take, and what the results will be. 
Some methods will take a lot of time and only get you tired and frustrated, while others may prove to be more rewarding.

It's just like picking a tool to cut down an old tree.While you might be working hard for years using a knife, someone may be using a saw, or even a chainsaw.
I have made this list of reviews in order to help you find something closer to the "chainsaw" in my analogy.

It was may 2008 when my anxiety first struck making me feel completely sure that I would get cancer sooner or later.In about a month I realized that fear was irrational and that I was suffering from general anxiety disorder, which evolved into anxiety combined with depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
I then realized I had to get rid of it quick because my high school graduation exam was due in less than 1 year, so I talked to various doctors, psychotherapists and tried various self-help programs. Some were scams, some really helped and one worked much better than expected. To help you not lose time, money and ,most of all, the little hope you have left, I will review for you and rate 5 self-help programs

To see the name of 2 of the first programs I tried and their review click here.
To see the review of the best 3 products I tried keep reading.

3.Think right now: Dissolve Panic and Anxiety Now! by Mike Brescia
Price: $59.97
My rating: 3.8/5

This had been bought by my girlfriend since she used his Unstoppable motivation now! CD with success. It promised fast anxiety relief results and I was really optimistic.
After 2 weeks of daily use just as instructed from the manual, I finally had some moments of anxiety relief and enthusiasm, but they would then turn into panic attacks as soon as I'd sense just a bit of anxiety( you know the " oh no! it's not gone! it came back! I will never get rid of it! It's no use whatever i do!" thinking). After this cat and mouse game with my anxiety my girlfriend bought me the next program.

You can purchase Think right now: Dissolve Panic and Anxiety Now! by Mike Brescia here

2.The Linden Method: The Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia Elimination Solution by Charles Linden
Price: $87 
My rating: 4.2/5

This book made me really excited from the first pages.
It recommends ,among other things, some Qigong exercises to get rid of your anxiety. Why did this make me excited? Well this made me remember how my anxiety started.
You see I had this daily schedule of going to school in the morning and then coming home, doing some speed reading drills, doing some qigong exercises and then meditating before reading some books.As soon as summer came I became really lazy and started sleeping late and missing on my exercises.That's when my anxiety kicked in. Charles Linden even offers you a great explanation about what anxiety is.

You can purchase the Linden Method Program here.

1.Your Instant Life Revolution by Michael Norman
Price: -30 day Product Trial: $0
            -In order to keep the trial CD: $99
My rating: 5/5

If you had done the math you can probably realize I had  already started school when I had stumbled over Your Instant Life Revolution.
I was using the Linden method, but the progress was slow and instead of calming me, Qigong kept making me panic.
The Your Instant Life Revolution program caught my attention because they give you a free 30 day trial, or if you buy the program and it doesn't satisfy you, the creator himself, Michael Norman, will give you your money back and $10.I first thought it was a scam. But since you only pay for the shipping costs of the trial, it couldn't have been a very profitable one, so therefore it wasn't one.
 After purchase I could download the manual which had a lot of great information but, what followed was a horrible waiting period for the product to arrive(3 weeks+, but remember I live in an Eastern European country with a lot of useless bureaucracy so it probably will be much faster for you).
I really think Michael Norman should allow you to download the audio directly from his website instead of shipping you the Notebook and CD. When you're an anxiety sufferer, you'll spend your waiting time going back and forth through panic moments like "It's never going to arrive" or "It will never work".
After my CD finally arrived I was full of hope.In fact I waited 2 days before using it since I was afraid it wouldn't work and it would take away my hopeful dreams. When I finally got around to using it, I woke up feeling the anxiety in my body but not in my mind. Something inside my mind could get control over my obsessive thoughts now. The next day even my physical anxiety was gone and I was really relaxed. I had found my anxiety and depression relief. 
I remember walking to school the next day, smiling and trembling from excitement because the old calm and collected me was back.
I guess I was lucky finding this program, without it I would have spent my time in a desperate search to find something to finally "hammer the nail in" for good.

To purchase the Your Instant Life revolution program click here.

I have tried the YILR program on 18 known people with either anxiety or depression and it worked, however after joining some anxiety forums I have seen there a lot of women whose anxiety and depression started after becoming pregnant or a miscarriage.

In college we are taught that the cause for anxiety and depression in such patients is hormonal and they should be medicated. I do not agree with that, but since I have not tried the product on such people I would really hate to give them false hope in case it doesn't work. 

If you are a woman whose anxiety or depression started while being pregnant or after miscarrying, that has tried the YILR program, please leave a comment with your results.



  1. Is this for real? The guy says it's gone in 55 minutes? Please! I need help and I'm sick of all the trash and scams out there!!!

  2. Hello! I'm terribly sorry I've been really busy with my college exam that I forgot a bit about the blog and so I didn't answer...
    Yes, it's for real. It worked for me and many more people I know.
    Hope you're doing better now anyway, and again, sorry for not answering!